Image by M_Lo7

Nehito Ketsu

VB and Character design by =M_Lo7=


  • This is M_Lo7's main utauloid and probably will have more update(s) in the future
  • นี่คือ VB หลักที่ทางเราได้อัดมา และจะเป็นตัวเดียวที่จะมีการอัพเดทเยอะสุด


-Nehito Ketsu BT (beta)-[edit | edit source]

  • *No sample*
  • CV
  • Beta/ First VB EVER
  • Contains lots of bugs
  • Unstable voice
  • The worst VB in M_Lo7's opinion
  • Low Tone Vc
  • Oto by MoreSampler
  • - Download: Click here (Mediafire)

-Nehito Ketsu V.1-[edit | edit source]

  • Sample: SoundCloud
  • CV
  • 2nd VB
  • Majority improve
  • Smoother Voice
  • Some freq map were off (but it should not be any problem)
  • Cannot "extend voice" too long due to oto
  • Oto by MoreSampler
  • - Download: Click here Here

-Nehito Ketsu V.2-[edit | edit source]

  • Sample: SoundCloud
  • CV
  • 3rd VB
  • Less bug
  • Pronounciation improve
  • Voice recorded to sing part English
  • "Hand Oto"
  • - Download: COMING SOON! ;)

-Nehito Ketsu VCV v.1-[edit | edit source]

  • *no sample link avaliable yet*
  • VCV (support both Romaji and Hiragana)
  • 4th VB/ 1st VCV
  • Some bug
  • Oto by MoreSampler and edited by M_Lo7
  • - Download: Click here
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